The concept behind NOW Together

Where viruses distance us, we want to create connections. NOW Togetherbrings people, goods and services together.

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the necessary social distancing pose major challenges for us all. First and foremost, of course, the many people fighting for the lives of the sick in hospitals. But the current economic stagnation also threatens many companies and entire industries.

The state helps. That's what we want. We help you help yourselves.

NOW Together is a free non-profit platform where you can

  • you can sell your and services today - even if you can only provide or deliver them again after social distancing (voucher);
  • can offer your help with shopping for people from risk groups free of charge;
  • can offer your products as home delivery even during the current isolation;
  • ...from being wasted in the garbage can;
  • can offer your freelance service to interested companies.

It is easy to place an offer: Just fill out our form and get started. If someone is interested in your offer, they can place an order, which will be sent directly to your e-mail account. Everything else you can do directly and outside our platform.

Easy enough? Let's go!

Note: We check the offers received superficially. We do not guarantee for the quality of the offers. We reserve the right not to publish dubious, immoral or illegal offers. We also reserve the right to remove offers at any time and without giving reasons. (maybe show on all pages somewhere)

Become a sponsor or patron

Associate your company with this good cause! Companies and individuals have the possibility to support NOW Togetherfinancially. Help us to help even more local companies to overcome this crisis. All generated funds will be used for the further development of the platform.

As a sponsor* you can get involved as follows:

  • Premium Partner*in: CHF 3'000 (currently already assigned)
  • Partner*in: CHF 1'000
  • Supporter*in: CHF 500

For further information please contact us by e-mail:

Of course you can NOW Together We will also support you with smaller contributions. With a contribution of your choice you will become a patron* of NOW Together. Your details will not be published on the platform.

Account: IBAN CH43 0483 5133 4833 3100 0 | Subject: NOW TogetherSponsorship / patronage

We say: MERCI!

Declaration of the initiators

NOW Together is an initiative of the HeadStarterzGmbH, Basel.

HeadStarterz is a young company specialising in marketing and communication in the legal sector. We develop branding strategies and communication concepts for law firms and other companies. We implement communication tools graphically and technically.

As a service provider, our business was also hit hard by the Corona crisis. But we want to do something about it. We want to help ourselves and above all support others. To this end, we have NOW Togetherlaunched and are offering the many affected SMEs and individual companies a platform to combat the consequences of the current economic standstill.

All work in connection with "NOW Together" we operate without profit motives. We earn nothing from the transactions. The platform is free for everyone and all sales with transactions over "NOW Together" end up entirely with the providers*.

Any financial resources generated with "NOW Together" are used exclusively for the further development of the initiative.